Z7 Zurvan-Labs

About Us

We are a Battlefield V team that originated in the classic Battlefield games, where a bunch of friends got together and created Zurvan-Labs. Our main focus is Battlefield V. However, we do not want to restrict ourselves to this game at all times. Sometimes, we get together and play other games. Whether this is another Battlefield game or a completely different game does not matter.

Everyone has their own play-style in-game and we all respect that. We also love dropping jokes and find fun shenanigangs in-game from time to time. We also like to organize what we call "team events", where we all get together an evening, play and have fun in voice chat.

Our main goal is to become alot more active where our current main game would be Battlefield V. With more active players, we plan on doing some competitive matches with other teams.

We prefer active Battlefield players who have a microphone, can play as a team, are respectful to others and their play-style, and wants to have lots of fun. More casual players who wants to be social and mainly plays Battlefield V are welcome as well.

As a member of this team, you will feel welcome and respected, given you do the same to everyone else. We offer fun gaming events which are both themed and non-themed. You get to play as a team and have higher success in your game. As a member, you will gain access to private rooms in our Discord server to socialize with other team members and play games. As an active member, besides getting more special offers, you can be more involved in the team and decide its future.